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Gain Professional International Recognition from Master Breathwork Trainers Nicholas & Susan de Castella
(With Over 30 years Experience as Breathwork Trainers)

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Are you looking for a Professional, Internationally Recognised, Live, Online, Gentle, Trauma Informed Breathwork Certificate Training with Acclaimed Masters of Breathwork?

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Are you a healer, coach or health professional looking for a comprehensive Breathwork Training from an established Breathwork College so you can confidently and competently facilitate breathwork sessions and build a thriving Breathwork Business?

Would you like to use Heart Centred Breathwork to work deeply and holistically and facilitate profound healing quickly and gently without overwhelming or re-traumatising clients?

We have over 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE working in conjunction with medical doctors, psychologists and health professionals. We can help you build a thriving Breathwork business in service to others generating a great income doing something you love that really makes a difference in people's lives.

We are registered Breathwork Trainers with the Australian Breathwork Association, the International Institute for Complimentary Therapies (IICT). We've been full-time Breathwork Practitioners since 1992 and delivering Professional Breathwork Trainings since 1999.

Would you like to learn from the best and become a professional Breathwork Coach?

I'd like to meet you if you're interested in becoming a Breathwork Coach.

I'd love to meet you. Schedule a convenient time for a chat here:


Australian Breathwork College Nicholas and Susan

My name is Nicholas de Castella. My wife, Susan, and I are established professional Breathwork Trainers with over 30 years experience. We've built an amazing life through Breathwork.
We are keen to help you create a rich and fulfilling life in service to others.

Our Vision is to Facilitate the Awakening of a New Heart Connected Humanity

We are training Heart Centred, Empathetic Breathwork Coaches to help heal the split between head and heart. Facilitate the integration of mind body, emotion and heart, to come back into relationship with ourselves, each other and the planet so all can thrive.

Learn how to create a wonder-filled life with Breathwork, from people who have done it!

With Breathwork we have raised a family of 4, created an amazing life on our 7 acre retreat centre in the Dandenong Ranges Rainforest on the outskirts of Melbourne.

Our style of Breathwork is Heart Centered, which means it is based on gently connecting, trusting and surrendering to the unfolding that happens in the moment.

Core Clearing Breathwork is a simple yet powerful, gentle yet rapid healing and clearing process to help clients release emotional trauma, open their hearts and gain the clarity, confidence and enthusiasm to move forward and live life fully.

A proven Business, Marketing and Sales System. The training comes complete with a 'plug and play' done for you, resources to attract, enrol and deliver life transformations and build a thriving business as a Breathwork coach or add it to your existing Healing or Coaching Business.

Take clients deeper, help them identify and clear the blockages that are holding them back in their lives. Clients quickly and gently identify and clear the subconscious emotional trauma that cause stress, anxiety, frustration and suffering and connect to their inner guidance for confidence, enthusiasm and direction in life.

Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching utilises Breathwork, Mindfulness, Somatic, Emotional and Heart Intelligence. Our work is a synthesis of 30 years of exploration and integration of Western Science and Eastern Mysticism: Embodiment Practices, Non-dualistic approach, John Bradshaw's Non-shaming Therapy, Buddhist Teachings, Heart Coherence, Vagal Tone and Self & Co-Regulation, Trauma Informed Care and lessons learnt from facilitating over 10,000 sessions.

You can facilitate Core Clearing Breathwork 1 : 1 or in Groups, in person or online with people around the world.

Is now your time to step up and give your gifts, your love to the world?

The world needs more heart-centered leaders to help humanity awaken to the next level of peace, love, connection and aliveness.


I'd be delighted to have a chat with you.

If you'd like to find freedom and fulfilment in service to others as a Core Clearing Breathwork Coach.

Click here to access my personal calendar and choose a time that suites you:


Thank you for your passion and care.

Kind Regards,

Nicholas and Susan

Nicholas and Susan de Castella
Australian Breathwork College
W: https://breathwork.com.au

T: 0410 197 870

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Facilitate Profound Transformations Quickly and Gently using A Completely Counter-intuitive Model That I’m About To Share With You On This Very Page...

The same model that people from all over the world are now using to begin a new career...

...And in turn have an extra income stream...

...All while not being stuck in a job they don't want to be in..

...And best of all they become...

Inspiring Transformational Healers!

Australian Breathwork College Annabel

Just Like Helen Checker

Breathwork, Hypnosis,

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Helen Incorporated breathwork into her existing hypnosis and NLP services.

Offers the "Tune Up Your Life" program at $1,250 per person AND developed a course using six one-minute breathing practices

Can generate $1,300 to $1,400 per day.

“…more than my job that I attend 3 days a week!”

Australian Breathwork College Melinda

And Melanie Eyles


Melanie helps her clients who are suffering from anxiety. Now she's charging $1,000 for the 10 session Tune Up Your Life Program though NDIS or $140 / 1hr session and about to launch a High-Value Woman’s 12-month Coaching Program.

Australian Breathwork College Marlon

Meet Marlon Walker

Breathwork Practitioner, Personal Trainer,

Remedial Masseur

Marlon combines Core Clearing Breathwork with personal training and remedial massage to provide comprehensive pain relief and stress reduction, leading to highly satisfied clients and substantial earnings from his service 6 Session Package: $2,000

Australian Breathwork College Gordana

Here's Alisa Craig

Breathwork Practitioner. Group Therapist. Parent Educator. Emotion Coach

Alisa Craig has effectively introduced Core Clearing Breathwork through workshops, earning $1,260 from a well-received session with 14 attendees at $90 each, that highlighted the depth and transformative potential of the practice.

Australian Breathwork College Gordana

Matty Griffiths

Transforming Lives through Core Clearing Breathwork Coach Training

Matty sought personal growth and to aid others, finding profound impact in the Core Clearing Breathwork Coach Training. Drawn to its gentle and effective approach, he embraced calmness and mindfulness. The training boosted his confidence, enabling him to work with clients immediately, enrolling his first breathwork client before completing the course. He created the Facebook group "Breathe," with nearly 300 members, sharing insights on staying present and finding joy. Matty's transformation from an NLP and Life Coach to a confident Breathwork Coach highlights the training's power.

Australian Breathwork College Gordana

Kim Maree

Coach at Breathe Core Clearing Breathwork

Kim stablished a successful career in healing and wellbeing, enabling her to live comfortably while doing meaningful work she loves. Took three clients right after the training through a 10-week program, charging $900 each.

Australian Breathwork College Gordana

and Robyn Alexandrov

Holistic Mindset Coach, Breathwork facilitator, Reiki Master

Robyn has successfully integrated breathwork into her holistic coaching and Reiki practice, enhancing her clients' emotional and physical well-being while engaging in meaningful community and youth programs.

Australian Breathwork College Gordana

Kate Schoppe

Holistic Mindset Coach, Breathwork facilitator, Reiki Master

Katie has successfully introduced breathwork practices to her remote mining town community, earning $2,800 by the end of her training and supporting both children and women in emotional and mental well-being.

And So On...

We could easily fill this entire page with hundreds of success stories because we've used our model in hundreds of industries all over the world.

The truth is... It Works.

Medical Doctors Recommend

Core Clearing Breathwork!


Dr Andrew Horwood G.P

I have known and worked with Nicholas and Susan de Castella for over 10 years. Over 200 of my patients during this time have reported more energy; lessening of physical pain; increased understanding of their life situation; a range of skills that can be used in all sorts of situations to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression; improved mood; improved coping skills with life stressors; more passion in their lives, and hence, improved relationships; finding a network of genuine friends from whom they feel support.

Some of my patients attending Seminars have been particularly ill, either physically or mentally, and these patients, too, have been able to make great gains during a short time. I conclude by thoroughly recommending the range of Seminars facilitated by Nicholas & Susan de Castella. These are high quality events with the potential for changing people’s lives forever.


Dr. Margaret Ngu G.P.

As medical doctors you would want to benefit from their transforming work for yourself and of course your patients. I have found Nicholas and Susan to be heartfelt beings who practice what they preach and in doing so have that special quality of authentic and infectious teaching by example. Both are well experienced healing processes, which as a holistic practitioner for more than 25yrs.

I know it as essential for my patients to access in order to regain wellness. Whether facilitated in individual sessions or in groups, patients will get help for the emotional and mental dimensions of their symptoms, which most GPs have no time to delve into, whether it is depression, chronic fatigue, asthma, degenerative illness of all kinds. Your patients will be thankful for Nicholas and Susan's help.


Dr. Peter Johnston G.P.

I have attended Passionately Alive, Manhood and Relationship. I have found them helpful and inspiring. I recommend my patients to attend. In fact I believe emotional and heart centred work is essential for personal growth and healing. I recommend these workshops to anyone with chronic disease, relationship problems, emotional crisis and those wanting to avoid these.

Holistic Medical Practitioner, MBBS (Monash), AMAC (Australian Medical Acupuncture College), FACNEM (Fellow of Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine), MSE(Psychology), Founder of Australian College of Transformational Medicine. Past President of AIMA, Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (1998-2001)


Dr. Robert Hanner G.P.

I cannot recommend too highly the brilliant work that Nicholas and Susan de Castella do with people who are troubled with life's inevitable challenges and stresses. I had the fortunate experience of doing my first course, Passionately Alive 5 years ago and the benefits I attained have remained to this day. I am more present and, in the moment, and in touch with my emotions since that unforgettable weekend.

This has helped enormously in my personal relationships and in my professional life. Nicholas has created a safe, secure, environment where people are free to express themselves openly. He treats everyone as equals and so even though he is a teacher and facilitator he is neither didactic nor beyond approach.

Glance At Our Last Workshop

Australian Breathwork College onsite
Australian Breathwork College Nicholas de Castella
Australian Breathwork College Class


Australian Breathwork College

Core Clearing Breathwork Coach Online Training.

(Quickly and easily learn how to use Core Clearing Breathwork to help your clients to...)

  • Discover & dissolve the root cause of anxiety, frustration, stress & depression.

    Heal past hurts, release resentment and find forgiveness and growth.

    Dissolve physical pain, improve sleep.

    Clear self-sabotage and procrastination.

  • Become more present and connected in life.

  • Gain clarity, insights, enthusiasm and guidance from the heart to move forward.

  • Live the life we are here to live.

Breathwork Coaching is a gentle and powerful heart centred way to be of service in making the world more peaceful and loving.

Core Clearing Breathwork is a heart centered approach based on Mindfulness, Somatic, Emotional and Heart Intelligence.

The training is simple, easy to follow and comprehensive with everything you need to create a successful Breathwork business and become a thriving transformational leader.

With Core Clearing Breathwork you can help clients make profound shifts quickly, gently and easily.

Create a Thriving Breathwork Business!

Join the Freedom Lifestyle!

Join our beautiful heart centered global community!

AND what makes this even better?

It only takes 90 days to get qualified!


The training is approved by...

IICT - The International Institute for Complimentary Therapies for Professional Indemnity insurance!

Australian Breathwork College IICT appoved

Sounds Interesting, Right?


Today To Know More!

At some-point you've probably signed up to a coaching program promising the world but delivering not a lot...

So instead of giving you a 1 hour sales pitch as to why we are different wearing you down to the point you reluctantly say "Yes".

We figured it's just easy to show you.

So, Let Me Show You Our Unique

9 Step System for becoming a Thriving Breathwork Coach...

Australian Breathwork College roadmap

Hit the button below, download all the details, book a time and date that works for you and we'll be in touch!

(Limited Spots Remaining)

Australian Breathwork College CEO - Nicholas de Castela

I'd love to have a chat with you if you're keen to help people heal and grow with Breathwork.

Get in a quiet place on the call.

Make sure that it's quiet and have something to take notes with, because I'm going

to be going over everything you’ll need to do this. I look forward to meeting you.

Reschedule if you need to, but don't be a no show because I don't reschedule with no shows.

Nicholas de Castella

Director, Australian Breathwork College


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